The company history

RCGames Co., Ltd. was founded in 2015 with the aim of developing, producing and selling our own original tabletop games, namely sports board games. The founder of the company is former biker Roman Cermak who has vast experience in sports:

  • represented Czechoslovakia in cycling (1981 – 1989)
  • seven-fold Czechoslovak champion in track cycling disciplines (1982 – 1988)
  • annual participation in World Championships and World Cups
  • holder of the Czechoslovak 1-hour track cycling record (1986),
  • finished 13th at the Seoul Olympic Games (1988).

Business experience:

  • founded the CS MTB Team company, focusing on organization of sports events (1993)
  • professional Ceska sporitelna MTB Team manager (1993 – 2014)
  • founder and organizer of the international Prague Steps bike race (1993 – 2014)
  • founder and organizer of one of the largest bike race series for the public Kolo pro Zivot (2000 – 2014)
  • in 2014 he successfully sold the CS MTB Team company to create a financial and organizational base for the newly established RCGames Co., Ltd.


Roman Cermak: “Our games are based on an original concept devised in the 1960s when we were children for myself and my brother by our father. Games made of cardboard as well as anything else that could be found in the household filled our childhood years with great fun and moments of excitement, but also opened for us the door to the world of sports. Thanks to the games we not only experienced a lot fun with our parents and friends, we also learned the ropes and rules of a whole range of different sports such as track and field, cycling, skiing, tennis, ice hockey, yachting and others. My absolute favourite was the Cycling game; so much so that at the age of 17 I started training in earnest and competing in bike races. I then had a chance to experience many of the game situations in real cycling competitions. Ten years later, I made it all the way to the Olympic games and stood at the start of the world’s most prestigious sporting event. Now I have come full circle. After a life spent in the world of cycling, starting with a successful biking career, moving on to becoming a cycling coach, professional team manager and organizer of large bike races and events I am returning to the game board with the aim of attracting the young, offering an alternative to computers, introducing kids to the world of sport through play, and perhaps even launching their own sports careers, as has happened in my case.”


The RCGames team

Roman Cermak:  development, testing, design and production of games
Martina Ptakova: marketing and advertising, sales, special offers for companies interested in games as business gifts and promotional items
Zora Cermákova: public relations and communication


Our goal is to create table-top games, namely sports themed board games, with the following properties:

high degree of authenticity, copying the rules and principles of each sport as closely as possible
own, novel game mechanism based on original historic features
utilization of modern on-line technologies for game accessories while maintaining the essence of board-game playing (mobile applications, elements of augmented reality) with the aim of achieving a high level of authenticity and real-life experience
superior product quality, giving priority to local producers

Sports themed board games

Sports themed board games are sorely lacking on today’s market. And why is that? It is not exactly easy to incorporate authentic sports rules into a game mechanism. We are making use of our experience from the real world of sport and transferring it into our games.

We have set out to combine classical board games with new technologies that can facilitate play and help players immerse into the sports atmosphere, likewise allowing them to com-municate and share their exciting moments with others. In order to do that we develop a mo-bile app as an accessory to each game. However, we most certainly do not wish to spoil the magic of board games, which have always been based on immediate personal interaction, shared excitement, lively communication and enthusiasm, ability to control pawns and their moves on the game board. The apps will always remain an optional accessory and helper.