About game - Mobile App

30. 11. 2022

Board game and a mobile phone? Now you're probably shaking your head in disapproval. And yes, you are absolutely right! Board games are here not to sit in front of your mobile phones and computers, but to play and have fun without them. But, the Tour de France Board Game Mobile app wasn’t made to play with, but to help you with:

  • building personalized race teams,
  • drawing the initial start list,
  • timing the stages,
  • quickly calculating team and riders results,
  • recording score in the individual competitions,
  • keeping score and standings for up to all 6 teams and 36 riders when playing the stage race.

Would you really want to count and record all this manually? Of course you can! But with our app, which is an important game supplement, you'll just have a lot more time to have fun and play. Using the app is very simple and intuitive, so anyone who is able to play our Tour de France Board Game can do it.

The App is free to download on AppStore for mobile devices using iOS system HERE or using this QR code:

For devices using Android system simply download the App from our safe cloud space HERE or using this QR code:

After installation on your device, you first choose whether you want to start a new game or upload the next stage of the race. In the case of a new game, you choose whether you play a single or a stage race. If you want to play more than one stage you choose your game plans mix out of all game plans already released.

Then you set the size of your race team (you can play from 3 to 6 pawns) and choose the color of the team/pawns you want to play with. If you play with less than 6 pawns you must edit the numbers of pawns selected. You can name your team and riders/pawns upon your wish.

Once you are done, a starting list will be created and a starting order will be drawn to start the game. In the case of a stage race, the starting list for the new stage will be drawn up from the results of the previous stages. Just like in Tour de France, the start is always a mass start, but individual riders keep the time loss to the leader from previous stages.

Once the game starts, the app is used to record the number of moves (time counting), record points in the individual competitions, keep the finish time of the stage for each rider/pawn and the final score fot he whole team.

We wish you a lot of fun with our game and mobile app as your handy helper!