About the game - What's inside the box

10. 11. 2022

A beautiful, matte white box of a decent size, proudly bearing the official Tour de France logo and trademark, the A.S.O. hologram and unmistakable illustrations of Tour characters and realities drawn by talented graphic designer Táňa Sekerková. But what is inside the box? Let's take a look under the lid!

The Basic Edition contains the following components:

- 2 boards with 4 different game plans - Tour de France 2022 stages
- 1 plate with the start corridor / podium on the other side
- 36 pawns in 6 different colours
- 5 dice
- 3 playing cards
- 1 sheet of jersey stickers
- game rules in Czech, English, German or French
- QR code for downloading very usefull mobile app for the game

We have already written the separate articles about game plans and dice, so know let's talk about the rest.

Start corridor / winner’s podium

You only use a small board that represents the start corridor on one side and the podium on the other at the start or end of a game. The side with the start corridor is attached to the game plan on the opposite end of the board from the finish line. Before the first roll of the dice begins, all the pawns in the game are placed on it, in the order of the draw result or the times/positions which pawns achieved in previous game stage. You can either use our mobile app to help you draw or count the final times, or simply as you agree with your team players at the start of the game and game results at the end. Once all the pawns have been started, you can turn the board over and start preparing the festive decorations on the podium. The three fastest pawns of the stage will climb the podium, but that will take a few dozen minutes. Who wins depends on game luck but also on the game strategy and tactics.

6 x 6 pawns

You will find 36 game pawns in the box, 6 pawns in 6 different colours. The game can be played with 3 to 6 pawns. More pawns mean longer game, but also much more game possibilities and fun. The pawns positions influence each other, so the more pawns you play with, the more different situations and twist possibilities arise. First you agree with your team players on the number of pawns and then choose your tam's colour.

Green pawns carry numbers 1-6, red 7-12, blue 13-18, purple 19-24, orange 25-30, yellow 31-36. Why are the pawns numbered? Because they represent the individual riders of your team, each pawn rides for their team, but also for themselves. Each pawn reach the finish in own finishing time, and along the way can collect points in individual spurter or summit competitions. If you play the game as stage race, the first game will determine your team leader, overall leader, and leaders in individual classifications. If you play the game with fewer than 6 pawns and use the mobile app to record times and points, you will have to select the numbers of pawns in the game before you start.

For example, let's talk about pawn number 1. It's green and.... And the rest is up to you - you can name it after yourself or your favorite rider, as well as the whole team. It can be Peter Sagan, Peter Fast or Peter Pan. All pawns are of course completely equal at the start, only game luck and your strategy will determine which of them will do well in each stage, and the whole race. The colour paints are health-safe, so feel free to kiss them for luck and to congratulate them.

Cards for jersey holders

You will find three cards in the box. Yellow, green and polka dot. The yellow one gives an advantage to the rider in the yellow jersey, i.e. the best rider in the whole peloton. The green card is held by the current leader in the spurter classification, the polka dot card by the leader in the climbing classification. If you play only single game, you can leave the cards in the box. If a stage race, you give the cards to the riders for the next stage according to the points scored. The card can be used only once during a stage. It replaces the roll of the yellow or polka-dotted dice labeled Attack, which allows pawn attack – escaping from the riders group. The holder of the yellow card can use this advantage any time on flat ground, the holder of the green card also only on flat ground, the holder of the polka dot card only in hills.

Jersey stickers

Together with the distribution of game cards for the jersey holders you mark the leading pawn with a sticker. This will make the leaders clearly visible to all so everybody knows who should be watched, who should be helped by team riders, or on the contrary, who should be slowed down by the competitors.

Game rules

The printed rules are currently available in 4 languages - Czech, English, French and German.

Mobile app

A mobile phone is not included in the box, but you will find a QR code to download the app to your own Android phone in the game rules. iOS app can be downloaded directly from the App Store or by following link.

The mobile app will make easier for your to count the time and keep results of individual riders or the whole team. But if you decide not to use it, you can do everything manually. The app is an important part and a useful tool especially when playing multiple stage race. If you don't want your phone on the table, just grab a paper and pencil and you can count in the classic way.