Czech company RCGames will present the official board game for the cycling Tour de France at the largest public fair for games in Essen

4. 10. 2022

The world's most famous cycling race will soon have its official board game. It will bear a Czech signature: the company RCGames has agreed with the A.S.O. organization, which owns the rights for the Tour de France, to purchase the official license and will present  at the Spiel Messe international fair in Essen, Germany, this week.
On this occassion it will be possible to buy the game from 6. to 16.10.2022 with a unique 20% discount at the venue or through the e-shop

"We are looking forward to finally presenting the game to the world after long preparations," says Roman Cermak, founder of RCGames, former Czechoslovak track cycling representative and participant in the 1988 Seoul Olympics. "A significant advantage is that we can use the Tour de France logo as well as the sponsors' logos, which means that the graphic design of the game is very authentic."

The game called Tour de France Board Game realistically simulates the real Tour and reflects all that happens in the peloton. The rules are simple, easy to understand for even the youngest players, while being adapted to provide the most realistic and fun experience for all ages.
In the basic version, the game offers four selected stages from this year's Tour de France in unique graphic design, playeble by two to six players. The game board is made up of hexagonal fields, the figures move based on the roll of the dice, but success is far from decided by luck alone. A well-chosen strategy plays a crucial role in the quest for the yellow jersey and overall victory.

Players will discover how cyclists fight the wind or attack in the most difficult climbs. In the battle for overall victory, every move needs to be well thought out, tactical and executed for the good of the team and its leader.

The original concept dates back to the 1960s, when their father Roman Cermak Sr. invented and produced the game for his sons Roman and Richard. He cultivated in both of them a passion for both playing the game and for real cycling: years later, Roman, the older of the brothers, eventually took the start of the Olympic Games. Now he is returning to the world of board games with the aim of introducing younger players to the passion of sport through the game, and perhaps even steering them towards real sporting activity.

"I can say from my own experience that the game really reflects real cycling in many ways," says Cermak. "We tried to adapt the rules to simulate what actually happens in the peloton during a race. The principle can be understood instantly, but finding the right strategy that will lead to victory is an art that players will have to work on for some time."

In addition to the obtained license, the game is unique in one other respect: it combines a classic board with a mobile application that calculates intermediate and final results.

Cermak, who, in addition to his role as a cycling racer, also enjoyed significant success as a coach and later as the founder of the Bike for Life series, founded RCGames in 2015. The first game, Super Ace Tennis, was based on the principle of the popular "Tiddlywinks". Now the company is introducing a simulation of the famous Tour, which should be on sale by the end of the year.

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