Signed! We'll release the official board game of the Tour de France

12. 5. 2022

It took a while, but after a series of negotiations, we can finally announce the big thing: soon we'll realease the official board game of the Tour de France! Our company RCGames has agreed terms with A.S.O. company, which owns the rights for the Tour de France, to provide an official license.

"We really appreciate that we managed to sign the contract. We are glad that thanks to this, the Czech mark in the Tour de France will be even more significant than before,“ says Roman Čermák, the founder of RCGames. "We are now allowed to use the Tour de France logo as well as the sponsors' logos, which means that the graphic design of the game will be very authentic. At the moment, we are finishing all the preparations and we are doing everything to make the game available on the market as soon as possible. Ideally during this year's October."

The Tour de France Board Game will provide a realistic simulation of the real Tour de France. The rules are simple, understandable even for the youngest players, while adapted to provide players of all ages with the most realistic and fun experience.

"From my own experience, I can say that the game really reflects real cycling in many ways," says Roman Čermák. "We tried to adapt the rules so that they simulate everything that happens in the peloton as realistic as possible. You will understand the principle of the game in a moment, but finding the right strategy that will lead to victory is an art that you will work on for a while. You may experience some nerves, but most of all, great fun and excitement.”

In addition to the acquired license, the game is unique in another respect: it combines a classic board game with a mobile application that calculates the interim and final results for the players.

Can't wait for that too? Don't worry, it's coming soon!