So... What's the game about?

25. 6. 2022

We're pretty sure you're interested in what the Tour de France Board Game is all about. So let's take a closer look!

The game is intended for 2-6 players. Each player has a team of 6 figures which represent the cyclists. The basic box includes four different stages. The figures move alongside the hexagonal fields which represent the road. The movement is determined by dices. The use of the dices either depends on the player's choice or is conditioned by the terraine (eg for an uphill ride, the player needs to use "slower"dice). Therefore each of the dices has different parametres. The game strategy is not only dependend on luck, it really depends on the tactics of each player. The rules realistically follow the basic attributes of road cycling such as riding against the wind, escaping, sprints, uphill, tacticall ride in the peloton... There is also an element of risk included: it can cause a fall or make you abandon the race. The authenticity of the race is amplified by the use of our own specially developed mobile app. The app creates the starting list, calcualtes the times in finish, bonus points, compiles the standings in individual stages as well as overall individual and team competitions. The times achieved in the individual stages correspond to the times achieved in reality.