Successful presentation of RCGames board games at the Essen trade fair

11. 10. 2022

We are back home full of experience, positive reactions and new contacts. That's how we can summarize our first experience at Europe's largest board game fair, Spiel Essen.

We are very happy that we were successful with the presentation and sales at our RCGames booth. So much so that our Super Ace Tennis was completely sold out, including the orange, green and blue test court, which was played non-stop over the four days.

While the tennis game attracted all visitors at first sight with its colour, playfulness and simple rules, this year's new Tour de France Board Game aroused great interest among athletes, cycling enthusiasts and gamers who like a more elaborate concept of board games.

We also went through all the halls and found out that we are probably the only ones specializing in sports board games. We are also unique in the fact that our games come with mobile apps to calculate intermediate and final results.

It seems that there are very few sports-oriented games on the market, based on simulation of real sporting events. However, our experience at the fair clearly showed us that not only fantasy games, but also sports-oriented ones can bring tension and fun.